Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Worldwide Church

One of the scariest things about moving to a new country is making new friends. Sure, it's easy enough to meet your neighbors and say hi to them when you walk outside, but it's another thing to actually get to know people. If it weren't for the church, getting to know people here would be very hard for me.

But the gospel is the same wherever you go, in no matter what language. And that foundation brings people with entirely different backgrounds closer together. Instant friends are made, and people understand each other more easily. When I first came to Belgium, I was excited about the chance I'd have to talk to people in French. But there is only so much you can say to a shopkeeper or a waiter - and there is not too much substance to the conversation. But I was excited to go to church to meet the members of the church. There I would learn about where they came from and what they do. They, in turn would strive to get to know me, and a friendship is formed. There is strength in the church and its members. We come together to edify and lift each other up - when we have the same goal, we can all work together.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that in Fiji too, but what I really noticed was the willingness of the church memebers to take care of you. "Come eat here, come sleep here, come get clothes here! That's what we do. You're members of the church. We take care of each other."

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