Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nice people

A guy told me one time that "nice" wasn't exactly the compliment he wanted to receive from a girl. I guess he felt it was akin to being a girl with a sweet spirit. Well, it's not, at least as far as I'm concerned. "Nice" was at the top of the many "What-I-want-in-a-husband" lists I created due to countless young women's lessons on the subject. I got my "nice"man (not to mention the fact that he's good looking) and I love him.

On a less commital note, isn't it lovely when someone is just nice to you out of the blue? Once the guy in line in front of me bought my Krispy Kreme donut for me. It made my whole weekend, and it only cost him 60 cents. There's a children's book about a girl who does a nice thing and then the person she does it for does three nice things, and they each do three nice things. They show the exponential growth of the kind deed spreading around the world in a week or something. All because a man bought a donut. Incredible huh?

Well, yesterday I was at Walmart because my school has been collecting plastic bags to recycle and Walmart pays schools to do that. The last drop-off date of the year was Friday. So, I ended up with 7 giant garbage bags full of plastic bags. They weren't heavy, but they certainly were bulky. Anyway, as usual the parking lot was jam-packed and I was thinking how I didn't want to make two trips. Thus, I was doing my best to grab all of the bags, when a man behind me says, "I think you're doing too much shopping at Walmart, miss." Then he offers to take the bags in with me. Now, perhaps that's not so surprising for someone to do that on their way in, but he had just gotten out. Not to mention, he had a friend with him whom he told to find him later.

We go in, but as it was my first time dropping them off, I didn't know where to go. The man just stayed with me while I asked people! What a great guy. He waited while the Walmart "associate" called a manager to get instructions. Anyway, it made me so happy that I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. Nice people rock.


Blogger El Chambon said...

Did I make the I hate it when people tell me I'm nice comment. Are you sure he saw the wedding ring? I made a dating entry, on my blog too, take a look.

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