Sunday, October 21, 2007

Of Pearls and Powertools

Kevin and I found it amusing when a friend of ours made sure to direct his compliment on out new washer and dryer to me instead of Kevin. We aren't one of those traditional couples. We haven't divided the roles "traditionally". Kevin enjoys doing, or just does some "girl things" (cooking, dishes) while I enjoy doing or just do some "boy things" (basketball, plumbing). And then we trade. I guess you could call us modern, but we aren't one of those "modern" couples either.

I always thought it was funny around father's day that the ads would claim to know exactly what my dad wanted. He wants power tools and golf clubs just like "every other dad" right? As it turns out, my dad wants some mystery item I can't afford. At least that's what he always told me, which is why he always got something made out of the colored paper in the studio.

When I married Kevin I didn't think he was the kind of guy that wanted power tools and golf clubs either. He would've rather received a nice set of Chinese dishes. The other week though, he bought a set of power tools. We needed them, really, to do all of the things we want to on this house, but I was impressed with how happy it made him to be the owner of a cordless drill and jig saw. When I married Kevin, I didn't think I was was the kind of girl who wanted diamonds and sapphires for my anniversary either. But Kevin bought me a string of pearls just because he's the best husband ever, and I was surprised how much I felt like one of the women in the commercials. I wasn't expecting pearls to make me feel that way. But they did anyway.

Maybe we are one of "those couples." What is a "those couple" anyway?


Blogger breckster said...

I think "those couples" are the ones that have real live people stuff (a house, pearls, power tools, a garage, a baby, a steady income). I want more than anything to be a "those couples." For my third anniversary Justin got my saphire graduation present ring fixed, the garnet neckalace was a Reuben's birthday present to me.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

I just thought that I was supposed to follow what the ads told me to like. Power tools? I can like those. And I guess golf is my new favorite sport since I'm now a dad. Those marketing guys are smart and very persuasive.

12:26 PM  

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