Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Conspiracy

Last year we never sang my favorite Christmas song, "The First Noel" in sacrament meeting, in Relief Society, or at the stake sing along activity. I was sort of bummed. I mean, really, there are only so many Christmas hymn in the book, we should have sung it at least once. Of course I sang it myself, but it's different to sing it with a few people than to sing it surrounded by dozens of people singing with you.

This year I took matters into my own hands. I'm the ward choir director, meaning I get to choose one of the songs for the stake sing along. I had it chosen months ago. Perhaps I would have preferred to sing it as part of the congregation, but I wasn't going to chance a Christmas without it again.

About an hour before the stake sing-along the stake music director called as asked that we change our song, as another choir was singing "The First Noel" for their choir piece, and I just had it down as the sing along with the congregation piece. Kevin took the message (I was napping), meaning I had zero chance to defend my case. (Granted, I probably wouldn't have anyway.) So, we sang Joy to the World. I like that one too, and we still had another Sunday to sing my song in sacrament meeting.

Turns out the choir that had asked we didn't sing our song, sang a Christmas medley. Please! They sang, like, the chorus and that was it. And I didn't even get to sing! Plus, would anyone really mind singing the song a choir had sung a snippet of? I would wager at least half of the congregation wouldn't have even noticed. (I realize that my arguments are purely selfish in my desire to get to sing my song with dozens of people. I also realize that there is a counter-argument. However, I am choosing to ignore it as they appear to be napping rather than defending their case.)

So, it was down to the wire yesterday. Would we go two Christmases in a row without singing the best Christmas song in the book? I only had 2 chances, as the choir was singing the intermediate hymn, and I don't get to go to Relief Society anymore. The answer is yes. Two very sad Christmases in a row without getting to be surrounded by dozens of people singing my favorite Christmas hymn together. I can't even believe it. How could it happen twice in a row?!

If there are dozens of you reading this and feeling the anguish of a noel-less Christmas, meet me at the church at midnight. I know someone with a key.



Blogger Cary said...

Man! I wish you could've been at the Grand Rapids Branch! We've sung it like three times already :-S

7:55 AM  
Blogger Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

I can sympathize a little. I bought an Icelandic hymn book back in the states so that I could practice singing and getting the pronunciation right while I am here in Iceland. Well, once we started singing Christmas songs, I decided I should translate one of the Christmas songs so that I could not only sing along but know what I was singing with ONE Christmas hymn. I chose Hark Ye Harold Angels Sing. Every Sunday in December, I would wait for my chance to sing it. Last Sunday, our last chance, it wasn't on the list. And then, at the end of the meeting, the conductor announced that Hark Ye Harold Angels would be the closing hymn. I was so excited. I thought, "At last! They must have messed up the page number on the number thingy they have." Nope... much to my utter dismay, the branch president stood up and whispered into the conductor's ear and then came the blowing news... Silent Night would be the closing hymn. I don't know that I will ever have the chance to sing Hark Ye Harold Angels Sing in Icelandic. :( I'm with you that there is a conspiracy going around.

9:02 AM  
Blogger said...

Wow, I'm sorry about that. As the Relief Society Chorister I feel a little bit responsible for your tragedy. :)

11:55 PM  

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