Friday, March 13, 2009

Night Night

Alena has always been good at going to bed. Lately, it's been really fun to go through her bedtime routine. First comes the bath and the lotion, then we read a book (or two), read the scriptures, have a prayer, and sing a song. Often, Alena likes to play around a little too, and we can't resist.

And recently, she has started tucking in her dollies & stuffed animals. It's adorable:

Yesterday, I was playing with her after coming home from work, and I laid down on her carpet. She then patted my cheek, said "night night," and closed the door while saying "bye bye." Yup, that's exactly what we do when putting her to bed. She walked down the hall and then I pretended to cry like a baby. She came back with a huge smile on her face and just giggled with delight.

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Blogger Lark said...

Thanks for sharing the joy with grandma.

8:34 AM  

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