Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two firsts

On Friday Alena had two firsts. Now, really firsts happen all the time for toddlers, but these are significant I think. Firstly as a hint of progress on the body fluids business, and secondly as a reminder not to get too excited for progress.

Alena came up to me Friday evening, pointed to her diaper, and said, "bye-pee." Sure enough, it was time for a change. I realize this doesn't mean she's ready for potty training today, but it does indicate that she is closer than she was last week.

A few minutes later the sweet little girl came up to me, placed her hands gently on my lap and threw up. It really is just one thing after another isn't it? As the spit-up ends, the really stinky diapers begin, and as we start to get a handle on the diaper situation childhood illnesses start hitting with a fury.



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