Thursday, November 5, 2015

Alden, in videos

A couple months is a long time for a baby - they grow up so fast! Alden has always been a happy and easy-going baby - a saving grace for us as we juggle the needs of four young children. He loves any attention he can get and rewards that person (even the unassuming stranger) with twinkly eyes and a big smile. He loves to giggle and he gives big hearty belly laughs.

We love how often we can go to the beach here in Hawaii. All of the kids love the water and sand. Here is an example of how Alden just goes with the flow:

Alden has recently started to scoot/crawl. While it was nice to be able to set him down and not worry about him getting into everything, now he can make his way over to that toy or book he's been eyeing across the room.

Finally, with his new-found mobility, he isn't always content just to sit in his bouncer, even though he's taken a liking to the attached toys.


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Nice to see the kids!

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