Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Things I did before noon:

Drove Kevin to work
Went to target
Shoveled the rest of the driveway
Cleared out the dishwasher
Loaded the dishwasher
Cleaned the stove
Polished the outside of the fridge
Cleaned crayon off of the wall
Vacuumed the main floor
Mopped the main floor

By 6:00 Kevin will be home from work to see:

That I didn't find what I needed at Target
It continued to snow on the driveway
The dishwasher is 3/4 full of dirty dishes
The stove got dirty from today's cooking
There is cheese and salty mud puddles on the mopped areas.
There are scraps of paper spread over the vacuumed areas.

But as of this moment the fridge and the wall are still clean, and the dust has yet to accumulate.  Wish me luck, everybody.


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