Thursday, January 10, 2008

Old Mother Hubbard...

On our way to buy the last Christmas gift on our list and do some grocery shopping, our lovely, trusty, 12 year old, Camry decided it didn't want to go forward anymore. Unfortunately for us, Camry's midlife crisis came during holiday traffic not entirely conducive to running errands in reverse. Fortunately for us Uncle Ray and cousins Bill and Becca came to the rescue getting the car to a shop and after going out to eat with us, taking us home. Really fortunately for us our sweet baby Alena slept until there was an appropriate place to feed her. We felt very, very blessed that we have people to help us, and that the car we had received as a gift had lasted us as long as it had. We got help from numerous other people helping us to get to church, go car shopping, get a car loan, etc, etc. The only problem was we never got the grocery shopping done.

I'm not one of those people who plans meals a month, or even a week in advance. Oh, let's be honest. I usually come up with something about an hour before Kevin gets home. That explains the lack of casseroles around here. I've learned to cook with what we've got on hand, which is whatever was on sale the week before. Unfortunately frozen vegetables had not been on sale for several weeks, and I don't buy more than a weeks worth of fresh produce, because that's kind of the definition of fresh produce. The only canned vegetable we buy is corn. Therefore, Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard, and then to another cupboard, and then to the fridge, and the freezer and yet another cupboard and found that there were no vegetables in the house but corn.

It reminded of me of one summer at BYU. The summer before I went to BYU I had three jobs and saved virtually all of my money. I think I bought a pair of shoes and one shirt the week before school started. I budgeted the money to last me all year so that I wouldn't have to work. Then I decided to stay at BYU for spring and summer terms. I was out of money. I'm one of those lucky kids whose parents paid for her rent, so that was covered, and I was on scholarship for tuition. That I lived in the FLSR so dinners 5 days a week were covered. Eating once a day will keep you alive, and with leftovers I was eating twice. The only problem was weekends. Luckily for me I was the last-minute-date girl in my ward. Many guys don't plan ahead on their dating, and fortunately for me many girls find it offensive that a guy would ask them out the day of. I, on the other hand specialized in last minute date acceptance. I think that reputation spread because although I had virtually zero dates planned ahead that summer, I had an average of 2 dates per weekend. I only had one foodless weekend, which I fixed by going to visit Brecken. Good old Brecken, always has something yummy cooking.

What's a girl to do when she's out of vegetables and so is her date and her sister moved to New York City? Eat corn that's what.


Blogger breckster said...

you can come to NY and find out that now good old brecken's cupboards are bare because grocery shopping is too expensive, or supper HARD.

6:54 PM  

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