Thursday, March 20, 2008

7½ months

Time really does fly. I was going to write this retrospection a month ago, but procrastination took over, and Alena is now over 7½ months old!

I've learned a lot in the last 7 months - about children, being a parent, and myself. Children (we're talking babies, here) are so innocent and trusting. They take interest in the smallest things. It always amazes me how long Alena can sit in one spot and be occupied by the grout between the tile, or a sock on her foot. It makes me wonder if I ever take the time to appreciate something so relatively insignificant. I realize that, since she was born, I have somewhat slowed my life down. My constant thirst for always doing something was replaced by an appreciation of life and peace. I could sit in the living room for an hour playing with Alena or just having her asleep in my arms, and I wouldn't consider it a waste of time. I've come to realize that time spent with family and friends is even more valuable than earning money or getting other things accomplished. The opportunity cost of missing a money-making opportunity can be quantified in dollars, but that of missing quality time with family and friends is immeasurable. I have an increasing understanding of achieving balance in my life.

As I reflect on Alena's current likes & dislikes, I see the joy that can be had in the simple things of life:

Her likes
  • Daddy's homecoming
  • Tags (on stuffed animals, blankets, bibs, etc.)
  • Someone getting her from her crib
  • Her sippy cup
  • Seeing her food
  • Playing the piano with Daddy
  • People looking at her
  • Sucking on the washcloth
Her dislikes
  • Sleeves (well, she's okay with the sleeves themselves, it's just getting into or out of them that she doesn't like)
  • Lying on her back
  • Being in a room by herself
  • Having her face wiped
I've also learned that I would fail miserably at being a stay-at-home parent. I think the biggest thing is, though I have learned to slow down and appreciate things, I still need to get things done so I can feel productive. I admire Talyn's ability to shift the focus of her life from her (& me) to Alena. I admire the patience she has with her in finding out what the problem is if something's wrong. I admire the incredible amount of love that she has for our daughter and for the attention she gives her. I admire the diligence she has in learning about caring for children, and using that knowledge to raise our child. I know that I couldn't do it alone.



Blogger Becca said...

Awesome! I didn't realize you guys had a blog. Now I'm totally excited to peruse through months of archives :)

And yes, Talyn, I will start posting recipe ideas. Not like a full-blown recipe blog, but enough people are asking that I'll start putting up some general things. :)

your family is adorable!!!

9:33 PM  
Blogger Mikey said...

Those are some good points. I enjoy reading about how things are going.
Some point, we need to get together again, eh?

5:03 PM  
Blogger Wongs D & MV said...

So introspective, Brother. So why would you "fail miserably at being a stay-at-home parent"? I wouldn't be that great at it either. I can't even tell whose socks are whose!

10:48 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

I'm not sure I'd have enough patience to care for a baby all day, every day. I think there's too much of me that wants to get other things accomplished. Having said that, I guess I would just have to learn and adapt if I were put in that situation.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

Wow Kevin, you wax poetic like a scented candle in a freshman coeds dorm room. We need to come visit you guys so we can meet the Wonglette and see the new improved Daddy Wong. We miss you guys!

7:46 PM  

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