Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Helper

So, I've got this little flower bed in front of my house. Actually I have three. This one in particular is pretty pathetic though, because the previous owner kept it beautiful with annuals. I'm am both too cheap and too lazy to plant annuals all the time, so I bought several perennials last fall to put in the bed. I planted 3 hosta and a bleeding heart. Contrary to my usual mistake, I planted them as far apart as the instructions said, rather than planting them closer while they're small and then wishing I had followed instruction later. Two hosta and the bleeding heart came up this year, albeit pretty pathetically. You see, the flowerbed, due to its being so close to the house, doesn't get much rain water, and since it rained the entire month of June here, we didn't water. Thus, although I had chosen plants good for shade, I neglected to give them any water. Anyway, because I followed instructions and then withheld water there were three pathetically tiny plants trying to brighten up a spot much too big for them by my front door. Yesterday I pulled the two or three weeds in the bed and then went on to work in the more weedy, but less pathetic flower beds. Aparently Alena decided to help out while I wasn't looking. I now have one measly, lopsided hosta trying to brighten the flower bed all by itself.



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