Sunday, July 1, 2012

Elsie, Reasor, & Alena

Elsie is a calm and easy-going baby, which is exactly what we needed with having Alena & Reasor around. She demands very little attention and is often content in her bouncer or just lying on a blanket on the floor. Plus she's usually really quiet (unless her nose is stuffy), and with the other kids being so loud, she sometimes goes unnoticed. Alena says it best when she exclaims: "Oh, little one! I forgot about you!" Well, this time she wants to be noticed and realized that she needed to be loud:

Reasor has no fear when it comes to the water. Or at least he's learned not to have any. Despite his sister's hesitation, he repeatedly will jump off the diving board at the pool, goggles or not - and he loves it.

Alena is a sweet girl who is becoming a better big sister every day. She might be a little scared to sing in front of other people, but she'll sing at home!


Blogger Tony Wong said...

Just adorable video clips... Thank you!

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