Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mostly for Grandparents

I realize that most of you will watch about 12 seconds of each video, because she's not your baby, etc. But, she is my baby, and I think she's pretty much the cutest little girlie I've ever seen. So, I'm going to let you watch her. Feel free to watch them over and over and over again, like her cousin Reuben does. Feel free to pretend you did also.

1. Alena loves to race. Lately she's even taken to giving me a certain mischievous look and then taking off full speed hoping I'll chase her. I usually do, because she's having so much fun that I do to. Perhaps I have stumbled upon motivation for running...

2. However, when I'm not running, I do my workout to Step-Mania, and Alena participates as well. It's loads of fun. And I mean loads. When I do my pilates she often comes and lays her head on my stomach and smiles at me (kind of like she does at the end of this video on Kevin's lap.) I told you she was cute.

Disclaimer: I didn't scatter that junk all over the floor, or all over the desk. Alena scattered it all over the floor and I put the things I didn't want her to eat on the desk as I went.

3. A few weeks ago Alena decided she needed an obstacle course, and since I was there...

4. She also enjoys making noise. Especially with wet hands on the bathtub. Often she does this over and over and over again, kind of like the obstacle course.

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Blogger breckster said...

Yippee! We are not grandparents and we love them! When did she grow up? oh, the whole last 10 months that we have been gone.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Mick said...

I'm a grandma and I love it!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Wongs D & MV said...

Sorry, it took me so long to post a comment because I've been watching the clips over & over again :) I don't think I can crawl that fast, nor can I do any kind of steps!

11:42 AM  

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