Friday, July 13, 2007

Talyn the Scientist

My mom talked to my fifth grade teacher a few months ago and she was surprised to find out that I had become a teacher. She was sure I would have become a scientist. Well, I didn't, and in fact that never even crossed my mind once in my entire life. However, apparently I could pass 8 grade science today (with 80%). I think that's mainly due to the fact that I'm a teacher, so I reviewed a whole lot of the concepts tested so that I could teach them. That's the beauty of teaching: it's really learning in disguise. I was sad to see that I really don't remember anything from my college level physics class, which was actually one of my very favorite college classes of all time. Almost everything I got wrong was physics. The rest was fifth grade science, which I skipped by only teaching 4th and 6th grade. I guess I'll be back teaching someday, and fifth grade will have to be it. (They don't teach much physics in elementary school, at least not anything you can apply. I guess I did get the simple machine question right...)

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Update by Kevin:
Sheesh, who really knows what the difference is between meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids? I got 96%!! Sciences naturelles (science) was my favorite subject after mathématiques, education physique, and recess.
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Blogger breckster said...

I got 84%, I guess our professional lives have helped us in life. I only passed because of the tricks i learned editing test items!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Wongs D & MV said...

Show off! ;)

10:55 PM  

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