Thursday, August 2, 2007

Alena Lai-San Wong

Ever since you read the last post from Talyn, you've probably been wondering if she's had the baby yet but haven't had the desire (or bravery) to ask. Well, you now can ask, because the baby is out.

Her name is Alena Lai-San Wong, and she was born at 12:19pm on Jul 30, 2007. At 7lbs 8.4oz and 20.5 in, she's an average-sized baby, but looks smaller than those numbers suggest. I guess she has small bones - more than likely from my side of the family than Talyn's. Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, and pretty lips - she's a very pretty baby.

I think the most impressive part of the birth process was that Talyn did it all natural. That had been her goal all along, and she stuck with it. And though it was a long 29 hours of labor, she did most of it at home, which made it more comfortable and manageable. But I'll let Talyn tell you about that. In short, we didn't go to the hospital until 9:00am, didn't get checked into a room until 9:30am, and after half an hour of pushing, Alena was born at 12:19pm.

Alena was so alert right away, opening her eyes within 5-10 min and sucking constantly at her hands and whatever else happened to be close to her mouth. I changed her first diaper and bathed her for the first time, and it's neat to have a child of my own. I really enjoy just gazing into her eyes and watching her sleep.

If you'd like to see more pictures, go to:



Blogger Mikey said...

Hey! congratulations to the new mom and dad. Good to hear that all went well, and that all are doing well!

7:52 AM  

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