Saturday, May 19, 2007

the NEW

I think I've been telling people for over a year that we're in the process of redesigning our website. I really wanted a place where I could share & contribute recipes with family, friends, & even my enemies (if they want to too). But having been a web developer last summer, I didn't want to start until after we got back, so that I didn't burn myself out. Turned out to be a really good thing, too, because I learned a whole bunch while working in Belgium.

I take the bus pretty much everyday to work (though I often almost miss it). It's about 45-50 min each way, so I have plenty of time to do something besides stare out the window. So I decided that I'd work on the website. At first, that's the only time that I'd work on it, but now, I do some work on it in the evenings and at lunch. But overall, I'm pretty sure I've done the majority of the development going to/from work.

About a month & a half ago, the newly redesigned entered beta mode. We had several testers try out the site, and they reported problems and gave suggestions. Now, we're proud to announce that, as of a few days ago, the new website is up!

Not that you don't already know what it looks like, but here's a screenshot of the old and new sites:

I recently changed the blog template so that it has the same look as the rest of the website (though it's still hosted by, and just today, I integrated our photos hosted by Picasa Web Albums into our website.

This is a work in progress. If you find any problems, have a suggestion, or just want to leave a comment, feel free to contact us. (also in the bottom left corner of the website) Browse the site, contribute some recipes, and check back often! It'll be continually improved!