Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who's this?

Or rather, what is she eating? If you guessed a turkey neck, you are dead on. I think that's enough proof that she is my daughter.

"Is it yummy, Alena?" "Yes. It is very yummy."


Monday, December 7, 2009

Floss and Frugality

The other day I was at the store getting the items on our "random stuff we need/ran out of" list. One of the things on that list was dental floss. As usual, I found the cheapest per yard price. As unusual, I discovered that there were two brands for the same price. One was a store brand and the other was a name brand. Now, one wouldn't expect a normal person to be excited about the prospect of name brand floss, but when that person is as pathological a cheapskate as I am, the rules change a bit. I was so excited that I decided to buy two. After I brought it home I admired the sleek design of the container and looked forward to using it later that night. (I wasn't so excited that I was going to waste a foot of floss trying it out. A foot of floss at the price I got it was 6/10 of a cent! Ok, I may have a problem.) To my utter disappointment, I discovered that this so called "name brand" floss is crummy. The wax falls off in your mouth as you use it. It's weird, and a bit unsettling. And now I have 110 yards of the stuff! *Sigh* So, now all I can do is to let you, my vast readership, know that Oral B floss is sub par and eat wax crumbs for the next several months. Wish me luck.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Because moms are supposed to share "my kid is so cute" stories

The morning after we put up our Christmas tree, Alena came into the living room and said, "Oh no, Mommy! It burn out." I explained to her that it was just turned off and I showed her how it is operated by a light switch. Since then each morning she says. "Oh no, Mommy! It burn out. Where's my doo? (stool)" and proceeds to drag her step stool over to the light switch so she can turn the lights on.

We were at "Lily's house" the other day when Alena suggested to Lily that they "go get a doe-dy (story)." I hadn't noticed before (apparently Lily had) that Alena says "dirty" the same way she says "story". Lily responded to Alena by saying, "Yeah, let's get a dirty *giggle giggle giggle*" Alena, laughed and said. "No, a book." I don't think she actually got the joke.