Friday, January 13, 2012

Being Reasor's Mother

The following post is disorganized and scatterbrained. It's all a part of the "Being Reasor's Mother" theme.

I was downstairs during nap time (Reasor has had a nap relapse. Hallelujah!) doing some research on schools for Alena next year. The dehumidifier was going full blast in its attempt to dry out the carpet after our flooding incidents so I didn't hear Reasor wake, climb out of his room, and go hunting for a snack. Reasor is always hunting for a snack. The child eats like no one else. For example the other day he had an orange and a half, a handful of strawberries, two bowls of bran cereal, and some 100% whole wheat bread with jam for breakfast. (I'm not trying to prove I'm healthy by mentioning the whole wheat and bran, just trying to prove that the foods he was eating should have had some staying power.) About an hour later, while we were out, he convinced the 8 year old girl he and Alena were playing with to give him a banana and a half. Then he came to me looking for crackers. And now you know why I'm searching for high protein snacks so he'll stay full semi-satisfied for more than 10 minutes. What is the hypo-allergenic alternative to string cheese? Or spreading peanut butter all over your breakfast? When your child doesn't eat almond butter. Or almonds. Or vegetables. Reasor, It's not fair being picky and allergic. You're just going to have to pick one.

Anyway, I eventually made my way upstairs and discovered Reasor sitting at the kid sized table covered in chocolate. He was holding a cup of chocolate syrup, which he informed me was chocolate milk. The nutritionist in me has been uninvolved in my conscious and unconscious thought since my third trimester began, so the maid in me (which is fully involved in almost all of my thoughts) was delighted that he had removed any type of milk from the recipe, as that would most likely mean a quart of almond milk on the hardwood. In addition to the chocolate, scattered across the floor there were: the peel from one clementine, two unpeeled clementines, the remains of an unwashed unpeeled carrot (I assume the rest was eaten), another 2 pounds of carrots, a head of lettuce, 2 opened bags of pecans, and 1/4 of a green pepper (the rest had been used in meals earlier this week).

After the bath/clean-up, Reasor in his sweetest voice asked whether we could cuddle on the rocking chair and read a story. That sweet moment lasted an extraordinary 10 minutes before he wanted to eat again.