Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas break

Saturday morning was the first official day of Christmas break around here.  Kevin and I slept in and were awakened to excited little children bursting, "It snowed enough to make snow angels!"  They then ran downstairs to do it while we lay in bed smiling.  By the time Reasor came up asking for help with his mittens Alena was already outside "making footprints."  The new kid-sized snow shovels we got them at the "Triangle Strawberry Store" aka Canadian Tire were a hit.

We followed up our pajamas-under-snowpants excursion with french toast, hash browns, and scrambled eggs accompanied by Christmas music.  Then we made a Polar Express train out of chairs from the dishwasher to the cupboard to clear it out. We had to stop doing the dishes before they were finished, because the music required dancing.  May I just propose that dancing with giggling little ones is far superior to dancing with grown ups at the company Christmas party?  Far superior.  Especially when one of the giggling little ones has recently learned to laugh just because other people are laughing.  I love this age.  

Alena then made a list for Santa of people who had been good this year.  Oh, how I adore inventive spelling.      Can you find "Sister Hale" and "Andrew"?  How about "Mickey"?  I hope you made the list.  (Don't worry. There's more on the back.)

Our Christmas break is starting out seasonably magical, even though we desperately miss all of you.  Merry Christmas!  


The Wongs