Sunday, May 11, 2014

A list

In case you're in the mood to wish you had something you can't have right now, read this list of food items I really wish lived closer to me.  Misery loves company, eh?

1. Gaufre de Liege
2. Dunford chocolate donut with chocolate frosting.  From the bakery or the 7-11 please.
3. Bruster's buckeye ice cream
4. Blue Bell Banana pudding ice cream
5. Malasadas
6. Chocolate Haupia pie
7. Gulab Jamun from the street in Suva
8. Sis. Singh's Pumpkin curry
9. That incredible hamburger I ate outside of Aukland
10.  Canned peaches at the King's house
11.  Matthew's cafeteria
12.  Kitchen sink salad from Community BBQ
13.  Egg tart from the bakery by the Star Ferry in Hong Kong
14.  Noodles and leek pie at Chef Liu's

And now, if you live in Brussels, Salt Lake, Atlanta, Oahu, Suva, Aukland, or Hong Kong, please go eat some of this stuff for me.